Replace Light Fitting with a Decorative Light Fitting (2 max, per service)



Our FixBox Electrician will come and install your shiny new light fitting/s, upto 2 in a 1 hour time slot, depending on the difficulty.

Have more than 2 for us to install? We may be able to fit more in the time slot.

If it turns out that you need more than 1 hour, please check out our time bolt-ons, available in 1 Hour and 30 Minute slots.

You can pay for our time bolt-ons on the spot with card using our mobile payment device, through the website or with cash.

Please be aware, this option will not always be possible if there is another booking immediately after your initial booking.

Please check with our Electrician before purchasing or call us on 07305 383710

Please note, if your work is finished before the allocated time slot is up, there are no refunds for the time left over.